The sender FPS Finances has chosen to use its MyMinfin portal for the management of its assessment notices.

Users, who used Zoomit in the past to receive this type of documents, were notified by the sender through an e-mail communication that is available on our solution pages .

Note: Documents from this sender that were already in Zoomit remain available throughout their Availability period.

If you cannot locate your assessment notice immediately in Zoomit, look at the Zoomit section in your Internet Banking under:

  • Documents to be dealt with’, 'Actions' if you still need to pay your assessment notice to FPS Finances.
  • Documents dealt with’, ‘Invoice history’, 'Payments overview - More - Electronic documents' if you have already paid your assessment notice, or if you are receiving a refund.

Below you will find some examples of Internet Banking screens where you can see the assessment notice in Zoomit (Dutch and French examples).

More information on Zoomit and Tax-on-Web is available on the Website of the Belgian Ministry of Finance (in French and Dutch).