Specifications for supported upload and download formats as issued by and

Supported upload formats


SEPA & Non-SEPA Credit Transfer (XML ISO20022) Pain 001.001.09 (as from 19 November 2023)


SEPA & Non-SEPA Credit Transfer (XML ISO20022) Pain 001.002.03


SEPA & Non-SEPA Credit Transfer (XML ISO20022) Pain 001.003.03


SEPA Direct Debit (XML ISO20022) Pain 008.001.08 (as from 19 November 2023)


CIRI-DIV-file (free format)


Supported download formats

The file formats below can be used by your accounting software to automatically process your account information. For more information which formats and versions your bank supports you can contact your bank(s).
To be able to receive reporting files you can request your bank to start sending. You can file your request report files via


CODA 2.1


CODA 2.2


CODA 2.3


CODA 2.5


CODA: SEPA Direct Debit reporting codes








CAMT (XML ISO20022) CAMT 052.001.02


CAMT (XML ISO20022) CAMT 053.001.02


CAMT (XML ISO20022) CAMT 054.001.02


CAMT (XML ISO20022) CAMT 052.001.03


CAMT (XML ISO20022) CAMT 053.001.03


DIV files (free format)