Once the activation of your Isabel SmartCard has been completed, you need to subscribe to the Isabel 6 modules before you can start working with Isabel 6.

Starting from the Welcome page; you can always recall the subscribe to modules window to activate or deactivate modules (e.g. Switch from a Signer module to a Standard module in Isabel 6).


  1. Go to and click on Login in the top right-hand corner. Insert your Isabel SmartCard into the card reader, type in your personal PIN code and press OK. As a result the Isabel 6 Welcome Page appears.
  2. In the middle column, click the Subscribe to modules button to activate the modules. Every user has to select his own modules.

  3. Select the required modules. The total price will appear at the bottom of the list.

    At least on user selects the Standard Module, in order to be able to create payments. Other users may choose the Standard Module (all isabel functions) or the Signing Module (limited to viewing account information and signing). You can extend the standard module with optional modules according to your preference.
  4. After selecting the required modules, click Confirm and sign order. A window containing your order will appear:

  5. If you agree with the order, enter your PIN using the Isabel reader. As a result the Isabel 6 Welcome Page appears.

Important: When you have subscribed to the Isabel 6 modules, you should wait 30 minutes before starting Isabel 6.

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