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Need help finding your User id?

 Go to and click the button  Login with IsaKey 

Step 1

 In Step 1 you need to start your IsaKey. Click the green button   to do so.
See the various options below.
 When you see "To activate this device, scan the activation image.", you need to activate your IsaKey first.

Click the button  Start activating your IsaKey   (Need help?)

 When the camera of your IsaKey works and your screen looks like the picture on the right, you can continue.

Click the button  Login with IsaKey   to go to Step 2.

Step 2

 Enter the 13 digits of your User id on your screen (do not use dashes or spaces) and click the button  Next     (Need help?)
Tip If you activate 'Remember me', you automatically go to the step below next time you access the application from the same browser on your local computer.
 Now you will see a window on your computer screen, containing your User id and a colored code.
If the User id is not correct, click the link 'Not this user?' to enter another User id.
 After scanning the colored code, you will be asked to enter your personal PIN on your IsaKey. When done, click OK to continue.
 When the PIN is correct, the message PIN OK button appears. Now click Continue. The IsaKey has generated an authentication message which will appear on the screen: XX XXXX
 Enter the authentication message generated by your IsaKey in the box next to the colored code (on your computer screen) and click the button  Next 


Possible error messages during operation


Invalid image. Check your device and username


PIN tries: + number


More information


How can I change the saved User id during login?