Understanding your invoice


What and when will you be invoiced?


Modules and Charges


FAQ about the Isabel 6 invoice


How will I receive my Isabel 6 invoice? Can I ask to receive my invoice in a different way?


How am I notified that a new invoice from Isabel S.A. is ready in Zoomit?


How should I pay the Isabel 6 invoice?


What to do if you paid your invoice twice?


How can I receive a duplicate of my invoice(s)?



How do I change the VAT number, company name or address?


How can I change the account number for my SEPA direct debit?


What to do with bankruptcy, settlement or payment suspension?


Get started with Zoomit for Isabel 6

Our Zoomit document service enables digital bill presentment and payment to Belgian citizens. It is additionally used for payroll slips and account statements. 

Zoomit is one of many solutions offered by Isabel Group


Zoomit FAQ and Troubleshooting


I want to change the users that can access the Zoomit documents in Isabel 6


Pay an invoice


Document availability period


You don't find a document you are expecting


When clicking on the Zoomit logo, nothing happens or a blank page is shown.


You can't access certain invoices/documents because a colleague left the company


You didn't receive an e-mail notification for a new document


You still receive Zoomit e-mail notifications after your user has been deactivated


Error: "You do not have access to this sender..."